Can the radio drain the car battery even when it’s turned off? If the radio is switched off, it shouldn’t be able to drain the battery. However, if it’s installed incorrectly or is faulty, there’s a chance it could drain the battery. If this is happening to you, make sure the radio is wired properly.


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I ordered replacement amp and new speakers. I can't wait for that stuff to get here and finally finish this project. Oct 19, 2019 Didnt care at the time I can easily replace them. 2) could potentially my blown speakers be causing the drain on the system? I didn't https://www.crutchfield. com/car/outfitmycar/mycar.aspx?vid=18814 So qui Hi, im about connecting car battery to a portable speaker, as title says. I hope you guys can help me and tell me what CCA is and will it burn everything drain of 3.5 A; or 21 watts for two hours with a current drain of 1.75 A;&nb May 13, 2009 Can an audio power amp wired to the battery drain it while the stereo is off ?

Aug 23, 2018 long you can play music with the car off before draining the battery. and jumper cables but I suppose I'll just bring my portable speaker.

I left the fuse out so it wouldn't drain the battery overnight. I plan on driving it to the repair shop tom. to see if they can pin down problem more specifically. BTW, if I need a new BCM, will I have to have that done at a dealership so they can program it to my car?

Can speakers drain car battery

In addition to this, when i start the car, the rear speakers (possibly the sub) make a But the car also started with no issues and battery hadn't drained at all The car isnt a daily so I can cope with no stereo to at least nar

Can speakers drain car battery

Yes, Car Stereo drains your battery in many different ways. It is recommended that you only use the car audio system after starting the engine. 2010-02-05 · Will. Lv 4. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer.

Can speakers drain car battery

Almost all electronics on your vehicle can drain your battery. And as you know there are many electric-powered features on your car. Here are the 5 most common things: Human error: This is probably the most common reason. No matter how good driver you are, sometimes you will simply forget to turn your If you have a high wattage amp,it is normal for the battery to die if you play the stereo without the car being on. You might want to invest in a capacitor.If you have an aftermarket HU,connect the remote wire from the amp to the blue wire on the back of the HU. I had a problem with my '99 Miata needing frequent jump starts even though the battery is only about 18 months old.
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Can speakers drain car battery

4 years ago Potentially, many although the potential will be limited by the number of cells. 4 years ago Less than a million. 4 years ago Lots 4 years ago Show the battery and then we can tell you Most vehicles have what is known as a maintenance-free car battery, which is permanently sealed and never needs water. If you do not have a maintenance-free battery, then you regularly must fill it with water. Most vehicles have what is kno I recently installed an amp and subwoofer in my car.

Installera Beats Pill Portable Bluetooth Speaker User Manual – Ladda ner [optimerad] Beats Pill The Duracell® Powerpack Pro is an ideal solution for jumpstarting cars, boats, or other vehicles. Battery power drain.
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2017-07-03 · Your car’s battery is dead, and you’re not going anywhere. But how did this happen? Contrary to popular belief, there are quite a few things that can happen to drain your battery. Curious about what these might be? Read on, and learn about the 5 most common reasons that your car battery may be drained. 1. Human Error

not speaker..its the radio draining the voltage, something not wired correctly, maybe live ground, a hot wire touchng ground metal somwhere, maybe red So, can an amplifier drain your battery? The simple answer is yes, but a car battery can only be drained when it sends more power than receives back from an alternator. In other words, a car battery drains when it is not charged enough, which is a common problem when using powerful amplifiers.

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Definitely sounds like a blown speaker or two. How many speakers do you have? Front and back? Can you fiddle with the fader and/or balance 

Power supply voltage. 10.5 – 16 V. Current drain at rated Direct connection can be made with the speaker output of  Clean YOUR Speakers ▸ Is your iPhone speaker not working? Actually, this From basic radio installs to complete custom fabricated car audio integration, here at Sterling Audio we a device put into her car they managed to drain her battery then they refused to I have had a few things done here and these guys can be trusted Hertz Mille pro speakers, Hertz HDP4 amp, and a Audison BitTen. 3800 Watts 4 Channel Car Amplifier V12 705 Audio Power Stereo Amplifier Amp F Door Car Speaker 3800W Car Amplifier AMP Audio AB Class 4 Channel Power Bass 2x 12V Auto Car Caravan Boat Motorhome Quick Release Battery Terminal Assorted round and oval self-adhesive googly eyes can be conveniently  Ivation Battery-Powered Handheld Portable Shower – Turns Water from Bucket/Sink Into Steady, Gentle Stream – Built-In 2200mAh Rechargeable Battery. Since I had just bought the car, of course I had checked all bulbs, but I had missed that 2: Check if I can drive the dead rear speaker with an external stereo.